Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit


Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit

 Our Most Popular Holiday Gift Year after year. Customers give this holiday gift combination to the delight of friends, family and loved ones. Why? Because these plump Oranges and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit are simply the very best available. They’ve been ripening in the perfect growing conditions of Florida, known for its finest tasting citrus in the world. These prized fruits are picked at their peak of perfection for holiday gifting. We promise them to be big, beautiful specimens, bursting with sweet flavorful juice.

Available early-November through late-May.

*Seasonal combo. varieties include;

Ruby Reds and Navels (avail, mid-Nov.- Jan.)

Ruby Reds and Temples  (avail. February)

Ruby Reds and Valencia's  (avail. March-April)


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