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Sunshine State Snack Box
OUT-OF-STOCK... A sampler of everything that’s great about Citrus Fruit and Florida Snacks!
Price: $34.99

Five Flavor Citrus Sampler
Send friends and family five juicy favorites including five kinds of PREMIUM citrus fruits.
Price: $34.99

Sweet Selection
A PERFECT size for singles and smaller families, with a dozen sweet, juicy specimens in each box.
Price: $36.99

Sunshine 5 Sampler
Enjoy three kinds of grapefruit, along with classic Navel Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines.
Price: $44.99

Grove Triple Delight
Sweet, Seedless Navel Oranges; sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit and zipper-peel Honey-Tangerines
Price: $45.99

Orange Explosion
The Orange Explosion is bursting with flavor, fragrance and abundant juice.
Price: $45.99

Fabulous 4
Pair 2 favorite citrus varieties with 2 distinct fruit flavors and you have a premium assortment that everyone will enjo ..
Price: $46.99

Grove Citrus Trio
This gift includes our freshest Navel Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
Price: $52.99

Happy Morning Breakfast
Walnut Coffee Cake, 4 Ruby Red Grapefruit, 6 Grove Select Oranges and Orange Marmalade, a perfect topper for toast or bi ..
Price: $59.99

Heavenly Seven Premium Fruit
This generous assortment of seven favorite fruit varieties is a smorgasbord in a box!
Price: $64.99

Triple Citrus Bonanza
The perfect size for a larger family or an entire office, this gift is designed to feed a crowd.
Price: $79.99

Florida Road Trip Crate
OUT OF STOCK.....This nostalgic wooden crate resembles those found at roadside stands, and it’s generously packed with c ..
Price: $114.99

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